Multiple sclerosis-Lifestyle and home remedies-By Mayo Clinic staff

These steps may help relieve some symptoms of multiple sclerosis:

■Get plenty of rest. Fatigue is a common symptom of multiple sclerosis, and although it's generally unrelated to your activity level, resting may make you feel less tired.
■Exercise. Regular aerobic exercise may offer some benefits if you have mild to moderate multiple sclerosis. Benefits include improved strength, muscle tone, balance and coordination, and help with
depression. Swimming is a good option for people who are bothered by heat.
■Cool down. Multiple sclerosis symptoms often worsen when your body temperature increases. Cool baths can reduce your core temperature, especially if you submerge your upper torso.
■Eat a balanced diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help keep your immune system strong.
■Relieve stress. Because stress may trigger or worsen signs and symptoms, try to learn to relax.

Activities such as yoga, tai chi, massage, meditation or deep breathing — or just listening to music — might help

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